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Talking about the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Car Seat Cover Fabric

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Talking about the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Car Seat Cover Fabric

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Talking about the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Car Seat Cover Fabric

Sandwich mesh is a double needle bed warp-knitted mesh cloth, composed of mesh surface, connecting monofilament, flat fabric floor composition, because of its three-dimensional mesh structure, much like Western sandwich hamburger, so named sandwiches mesh.

Sandwich mesh upper and lower sides of the silk is polyester, the middle of the connection for the polyester monofilament. Its thickness is generally 2-4mm. Sandwich mesh in the car seat cover, luggage shoes, roller skates, bedding and other fields have a wide range of applications.

It is understood that the sandwich fabric car seat cover fabric texture and breathability due to the appearance of the mesh structure is very suitable for summer car seat cover, but also by the owners favorite, is one of the most commonly used car seat cover fabric, sandwich net is generally solid color , Black, red, blue and gray are the most common seat cover colors.

Xiaobian learned that many owners think the sandwich is the thicker the better. In actual fact, the main still depends on the sandwich net cloth production process, the same thickness of the sandwich mesh, a layer of dense cloth, it is necessary to a lot of solid, the quality is the best. Sandwich mesh thickness to moderate, too thick sandwich mesh but not good, made out of the car seat will feel hard, sit up and fold very powerful. And then even with the car seat cover size version has been, will not fit the seat.

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