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Sandwich net cloth products how the quality of distinction

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Sandwich net cloth products how the quality of distinction

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Sandwich net cloth products how the quality of distinction

Sandwich mesh breathable, with water locking function, and now the apparel industry is also more widely used, then take a look at how sandwich sandwiches quality distinction.

Sandwich mesh is a synthetic fabric, why is it called a sandwich, because it is composed of three surfaces, the surface is reticular, the bottom is a dense network, the middle layer is linked to the reticular layer and dense network. Sandwich mesh fabric is usually made of high-precision polymer woven with high-precision machine. Mesh strict control cloth in the cloth, so makes the fabric looks full of sporty and fashion sense. Warp knitting machines are the main machines for the processing of sandwich webs, of which the sandwich webs belong. Because of its character is strong, stylish appearance. Which has applications in many areas of clothing, such as we often see the car seat cover, sportswear and so on.

Because of the wide range of applications of sandwich mesh, the market prospects bright, so many textile companies have joined the industry for production. The market is also presented with sandwich webs of various qualities and prices, a big confusion for consumers. So how to distinguish sandwiches mesh fabric quality is good or bad? This should start with the characteristics and materials of the sandwich mesh.

See Fabric: Sandwich mesh fabric is made of polymer materials, a great feature is not pilling, and weaving is used through, so it can withstand a lot of tear strength and feel the mold is smooth and cool . The ordinary mesh is not the effect, such as car seats, ordinary mesh a long time, it becomes loose and baggy. Not a shape.

Sandwich mesh breathable, due to the use of high-quality raw materials, and the middle layer and the bottom layer is a net, you can keep the air outside the cloth, so when used as sportswear, sports shoes, you can let Inside and outside the air to maintain circulation. The circulation of some imitation goods poor permeability, although the surface of the net and sandwiches mesh acquaintance, but made into clothing, wearing the body will feel bored.

Outstanding quality sandwich mesh at the bottom of a non-woven fabric, water lock function, the usual application in the car seat cover, it will not penetrate to the lower. And sandwiches mesh breathable, and the market some low-quality sandwich mesh feels feels thin because of the fabric, the thickness of about 2 mm, and the eye hole looks smaller than the normal sandwich mesh mesh smaller many.

Sandwich mesh is a widely used in the textile industry, weaving, processing technology is double warp knitting machine processing, and general mesh by a single warp knitting machine processing. On the craft, the sandwich mesh far superior to ordinary mesh.

I believe in the future use of sandwich web more common, but also our consumer demand!

These are the small series to bring you the quality of sandwiches mesh fabric how to distinguish.

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