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Why mesh cloth so popular with consumers?

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Why mesh cloth so popular with consumers?

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Why mesh cloth so popular with consumers?

Presumably everyone is no stranger to mesh cloth, mesh cloth as a common fabric used in all aspects of our lives. What mesh cloth is it? According to reports, the mesh-shaped holes in the fabric called mesh cloth. With different equipment can weave different mesh cloth. Mesh cloth mainly woven mesh cloth and knitted mesh cloth 2 kinds. 3D mesh cloth

In the market we can see all kinds of household products made of mesh cloth as a material, why mesh cloth is so popular? Xiao Bian learned that the characteristics of mesh cloth mainly in the following areas:

1. Constant temperature, breathable, permeable

2. Memory, flexibility, cushioning protection

3. Light texture, easy to wash, quick-drying

4. Strong support

5. mesh cloth bacteria, health care

6 pressure adsorption

7. Ergonomic, effective protection of bones

8. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic

9 comfortable, wear-resistant, flame retardant

Sandwich mesh cloth applications mainly include:

Shoes, luggage fabrics, bedding (Liang Xi, mattresses, pillows), sports protective materials, outdoor sports materials, office furniture, car decoration materials (hard hat cap, the most breathable pillows, motorcycle seat covers, car seat covers , Steering wheel cover), in some areas can replace the foam, sponge.

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