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3D mesh features and uses

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3D mesh features and uses

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3D mesh features and uses

The main benefits of 3D spacer fabric


Cleaning, disinfection convenient

No need to cut the suture

Good cushioning

Surface stretch, you can a variety of flower-shaped

The market is more popular style

Market more popular style (7 photos)

Superior resilience



Textile materials, rapid prototyping

Good bending performance

Adjustable temperature

Polyester material, not easy to aging

(1) can not only protect the skin from the liquid and particulate pollution, but also make the skin breathable;

(2) effectively prevent bacterial and fungal infections;

(3) light texture, convenient washing and disinfection, anti-static;

(4) good resilience, providing buffer protection, easy to wash and dry

(5) chemical finishing agent and fuel consumption, pollution-free, low ignition point;

(6) fastness, non-hierarchical, good moist and heat comfort

(7) good mechanical properties and chemical stability.

(8) Environmental non-toxic, moisture-proof mildew, you can recycle

1, mattresses, cushions, sofas, Japan and South Korea sleeping pad, pillow pillows and other household items.

2, car seat and other auto parts

3, helmet liner

4, outdoor work toolkit

5, baby carriage

3D mesh application areas:

● 3D mesh woven with high-tech textile technology, the birth of a set off a revolution in the software filling material industry, completely changing the mattress

 Stuffy wet, unhealthy status quo.

● 3D mesh in line with the international concept of resource conservation, environmental protection.

● 3D mesh has a broad market prospect. Internationally applied to mattresses, car seats, sofas and fillers used in upscale soft furniture, 3D mesh is exerting its unique advantages. For more and more people who advocate health and ecology Love.

Changshu Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd. is located in the international garden city - Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. Is located in Changshu City, Meili Town, Hong Kong Road, along the high-speed 4 km, 5 km Minato City, with a rapid and comprehensive source of industry information and convenient transportation advantages. Sandwich mesh cloth, 3D mesh, car mat non-slip end cloth is Changshu Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd.'s main product.

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