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3D mesh widely used on the mattress

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3D mesh widely used on the mattress

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3D mesh widely used on the mattress

3D mesh mattress with 100% polyester colored materials, the biggest advantage is that there is no smell, green, healthy and environmentally friendly, easy to decompose after discarded. Thus reducing the amount of waste generated. Fabric using mesh structure, has a good breathable breathable performance, will not damp bacteria, and will not mold. If you accidentally stained dirty, easy to clean, you can effectively remove odor dirt, prevent bacterial growth. This is a palm mattress incomparable performance.

3D mattresses also have the spring mattress can not be compared to the resilience of ordinary 1.8 m x2.0 m spring mattresses generally have 868-1440 springs, while the same specifications with 3D materials, mattresses have more than 400 million Rebound point in supporting the human body, to the body's most intensive effort. So it has a super nice comfortable rebound performance.

3D mattress there is a special feature. It can according to the weight of the human body, in response to the appropriate resilience, better support the human body, let people sleep in the body to get 360 degrees of relaxation, especially in other ordinary mattresses can not have.

3D mattress designers, it can make the night more beautiful, improve the quality of people's sleep, for those who are hard to sleep, thin people who 3D mattress is the best choice.


       Traditional mattresses, cotton easily hygroscopic, mildew, smell. The 3D memory three-dimensional mesh cloth with "X-90" structure, double-sided mesh, showing six hollow breathable three-dimensional structure, air, water free circulation, the formation of hot and humid microcirculation layer, from its performance superior to ordinary Mattress, cotton, for home life to provide the ideal choice.

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