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3D mesh manufacturers: Dragon Claw cloth more care for you

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3D mesh manufacturers: Dragon Claw cloth more care for you

Release date:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

3D mesh manufacturers: Dragon Claw cloth more care for you

Now popular as a foot pad at the end of the cloth because of the good effect, has been recognized by everyone, that is, Dragon claw non-slip cloth, also known as glitch non-slip cloth, Eagle claw non-slip cloth.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1, to enhance driving safety: needle-like paw in the car at the bottom of the pad, with the car at the end of velvet close to form a strong friction, firmly grasp the car bottom velvet, so that car mats will not go Bit, thus eliminating potential safety problems.

2, omni-directional non-slip, do not take the place: "gecko claw" needle-shaped pawl tilt more, unlike other bonding materials as "one-sided", paw in all directions of the adhesion is balanced, so in each The same direction of the anti-skid.

3, the product of lightweight: This product is mesh design, weighing only about 160 grams per square meter, better than the current including TPR at the end of a variety of non-slip materials, your company's products more lightweight.

4, easy to disassemble, do not hurt car decoration: "Gecko Claw" eliminates the need to install car safety buckle mat, without any tools and installation steps, just take the mat to the car on the shop, and The more stepped on more firmly. Its pawl is "needle-shaped," not "hooked," removing the floor mat from snagging the interior carpet.

5, environmental non-toxic: This product uses environmentally friendly raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, do not add any chemical adhesives, has received international environmental certification.

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